Saturday, June 7, 2014

Aura Restaurant Bar and Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee

Aura should be called Aaaaah-ruh because it has an incredibly relaxing environment. The owner/head chef is a dedicated bread pudding lover and keeps it on the menu, tweaking flavors now and then.

This serving had as many flavor-note layers as a torte and it was more satisfying. It had currants (you know I preferred those over raisins), a hint of orange, luscious fresh berries, sugared pecans and a praline sauce. That is a lot to have going on at one time, but I celebrate the complexity and boldness!

Price: $6
Raisins: Currants
Sauce: Praline
Ice cream: No
Visited: April 2014

Friday, November 8, 2013

Blossom, Charleston, SC

I came for the red velvet bread pudding and it was... definitely tasty, appearing that they chopped pieces of cake into squares as one would the bread in bread pudding, and I couldn't figure out what happened after that.  It was a small portion (for $8!), not enough for me to stop and think about it before it was gone.  It went down smoothly.  The ice cream was good, not great; the strawberry popped but I didn't get an impression of the cheesecake flavor.

I took the picture with my sad phone and I'm still trying to figure out how to get it out.

Price: $8.00
Raisins: No, that would be disgusting in red velvet BP
Sauce: No
Ice cream: Yes, strawberry cheesecake

Visited: November 2013

Bread Pudding Boutique featured on Shark Tank

I was rooting for the lady pitching her bread pudding boutiques because I think they should be a chain, of course.  It's been a while, and I can tell you that the country of Panama is not known for its bread pudding.  I am sure I've been to other places and tasted other bread puddings since July, surely, but at this moment, I can't think of where.  Or maybe I was being a good girl?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Breakfast with Vonetta

Here's another non-BP shout-out. My friend Vonetta probably didn't make me a picturesque breakfast in response to my pitiful attempt at an omelet a few days prior; she's more of an encourager and naturally gifted in all things culinary.  I'm thankful for those who can come into my kitchen and create masterpieces.

If you need a caterer, contact Vonetta Johnson at  She's amazing, and also skilled at crafting menus for a variety of eating habits and needs.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffins with Jason, Nashville, TN

A non-bread pudding shout out to my cousin, Jason, for suggesting we try dough in muffin pan.  Voila, these chocolate chip cookie muffins!  He's an interior designer and modeling coach from Chicago with a wonderfully creative mind.  We had a great time.  His wife helped and our kids waited for it all to be done.

DeJa Vu, Memphis, TN

I know the restaurant is right, but I hope I'm making proper attribution with this photo.  I searched and searched for bread pudding in Memphis, promised at several places but they all seemed to be sold out.  I happened to choose DeJa Vu for bp, but let me tell you EVERYTHING was worth a second or third trip.  This BP was my version of perfect in texture and taste.  Nothing fancy, just did what it was supposed to do.  I want more!

Price: $3.75 (you know I was happier)
Raisins: No
Sauce: Yes, light whiskey sauce
Ice cream: No
Visited:  June 2013

Sunflower Cafe, Nashville, TN

Now I love some texture and unexpected combinations, which seem to
be specialty at this "meatless and three" semi-elegant version of Copper Kettle.  There's no affiliation, they just remind me of one another, but one vegetarian (SC) and the other decidedly not, though veggie friendly (CK).  Sunflower Cafe is tucked among the other tasty treasure troves across the street from One Hundred Oaks Plaza/Mall.

As usual, I went just because a friend told me about the BP.  I could not resist (as if I ever do), a restaurant that had the courage to mix chocolate, mango AND coconut.  I can't imagine there are so many bread pudding and coconut fans as to make this a permanent part of any menu, but I'm happy to be wrong on this one.  It was... pretty good.  I imagine that it was lacking the fat components that would make it a 4-fork.  I generally don't expect to feel virtuous when eating BP, and appreciated the flavors that made it feel a little sinful.

Price: I can't remember and it seems to be off the regular menu,but no dessert is over $6.75
Raisins: No
Sauce: Yes, vanilla
Ice cream: No
Visited: April 2013