Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yeast Nashville

Don't worry, I've had bread pudding since last April, just a lot of other stuff as well has been happening. You know, life. Yeast Nashville does the HELL out of yeast products, but I'll stick to cream cheese kolaches and sausage/cheese kolaches at Yeast (both 4 fork worthy), and never get the bread pudding again. The white frosting gives it the sweetness that is absent in the custard. It's white, thick and non-melting, and really more appropriate for a cheap cinnamon roll. The bread is good and the texture was ok, but the lack of flavor even with the apples and berries plus weird icing made for real disappointment.

805 Woodland St #300, Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 678-4592

Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's been so long...

I've made and passed on the recipe from the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY, made with hot dog buns. It has been a big hit for everyone who made it. Just yesterday I had some amazingly moist red velvet cake with just enough chocolatey taste from Homa's Southern Cuisine at 1201 Dickerson Pike. The restaurant pays homage to New Orleans but no BP is on the menu.

I made the Desmond BP as a banana bread version and a praline version for our New Year's Eve Watchnight potluck after the service. It went well, the praline better than the banana bread. In fact, I froze it and reconstituted it with more milk, sugar and egg last month. That's the cool thing about making something messy with simple ingredients that doesn't need to look good. BP is additive.

I was talking to someone about how BP is supposed to be an inexpensive dessert, except when you pay $5-8 for one serving in a restaurant. This sage explained that eggs and milk were readily available on farms and in rural communities. They made bread which doesn't last as long as the stuff we buy at the store in the wrapper. I made bread every Sunday for about 6 weeks, and it truly only was good for about 1 week. I have not used it to make BP, and had to stop making the bread because I enjoyed it WAY too much. Anyway, the other ingredient is sugar, which was the only extra expense. The opposite conditions exist for this city gal; sugar is more available and affordable than eggs and milk and bread.

I'll add the newer entries when I find them.

I will say that I need to revisit the BP at Soulshine on Demonbreun. Soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Peanut Butter and Almond Bread Pudding with Chocolate Sauce, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN

Seeing BP at a formal luncheon was unexpected, and the
combination was intriguing. I needed it to revive me and get my blood flowing because the Patron Platinum Club room was freezing... I mean seriously, after an hour + of listening the speaker, I had to go outside and warm up before I ate. Anyway, I dug out the first serving of this peanut butter and almond bread pudding and was skeptical because it was mushy inside. I blamed the peanut butter, but it was just not cooked through.

The peanut butter was a novel flavoring, but the slivered almonds added nothing at all - no taste or texture. I didn't bother with the chocolate sauce. I was sad. I have not used 2 forks before now, so take it as 1 fork for the crust and 1 fork for a creative flavor.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The movement continues

My friends are taking on the mantle of bread pudding. Tremeta is my most accomplished (ok, only) student and her Rumchata and other flavors of BP have surpassed my own in greatness.

I'd like to think I inspired Vonetta, a caterer who just knows what to put in everything, as she crafted an apples and cinnamon BP that was devoured by her charges and coworkers.

May, June 2015

Papa Boudreaux, Franklin, TN

Papa Boudreaux, as a Creole restaurant, should know better, and it does. BP is a New Orleans favorite, so I expected to be delighted by the peach BP. It appears flavors change. It is made with the French bread served tableside, but for some reason, it tastes like it's made with wheat bread. Perhaps it's nutmeg? It was a pretty perfect experience, and though I usually eschew sauce and ice cream, I gobbled it all up. I don't even know what the sauce was. Does it need these accessories? I don't know. It melded into a lovely experience. The vanilla ice cream was good quality and flavorful, so it wasn't just something tossed on top to make eaters feel like they're getting more for their money.

The portion was huge, and with the two spoons I could have shared it. Could have... The only sour note was the price! I would have gotten it anyway, but it's priced like an entree, at $8.95. That's ridiculous for something made from scraps. Admittedly, I'd get it again, though. It's too good for me to deny myself on principle.

Papa Boudreaux's Cajun Cafe

June 2015

Carpe Cafe, Smyna, TN

Come on, really? This bread pudding taunted me for three days when I worked from the Cafe. This spot was an unexpected gem when I needed to be in the Smyrna area for the day. The cafe is known for its artists and its cinnamon rolls. I tried one the first day. the second day I had the hummingbird cake, a Tennessee classic in my world. It's bananas, walnuts, and spices. Finally, I felt I'd earned the right to order bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

The first amazing thing is the portion - I RARELY feel like I can't finish a serving. This ramekin was chock full of goodness. The initial bite told me something was different, It wasn't that it was in cubes, which seemed like the twice-baked potato model. They bake the BP, cutting the base into cubes, then cube it again when it's to be served. What surprised me was the lightness of the BP. It didn't taste dense like so many, The cinnamon wasn't overwhelming, nor was the sweetness. For a change, this BP needed the bourbon sauce. It would have been good enough without it, delicious with. Ok, I've kept you in suspense long enough. It's make from cinnamon rolls! The pastry chef makes cinnamon roll dough, bakes it, then cubes it for re-baking, with the custard. Actually, it's thrice-processed, since then it's re-cubed for each order, heated and doused with sauce.

Bravo! Go to the "downtown" square of Smyrna, have a scrumptious lunch and treat yourself to BP, or have it for breakfast!

Carpe Cafe

June 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

Perfection. The only reason I'm not doubling the forks is that it's made with hot dog buns and the thought of that pedestrian source makes me a little sad. Though to taste it I would have no idea. The Desmond Hotel has been in the BP business for 40 years and they have achieved a recipe and a technique that I must replicate.

No raisins, simple vanilla sauce, smooth. I asked for the pecans but they were totally unnecessary, especially because I had asked for the spiced pecans from another dessert, but they were out,

Warning, according to MyFitnessPal, a serving without sauce is 700 calories, and with sauce is 1196!


It is $7 well spent. I cannot wait to make this with Rumchata, but now that I know the caloric impact, I'll have to slim it down somehow.